Abortion Aborticide - Death before Birth

Around 44 million abortions occur each year in the world. Usually debates about abortion focus on governmental policy and beliefs about the rights and responsibilities; should abortion be outlawed and treated like the murder of a human person, or remain a legal choice available to all women? Behind the debates are more fundamental ethical questions which aren’t always given the specific attention they deserve. Some people regard right to control one’s own body as a key moral right. If women are not allowed to about unwanted foetus they are derived of this right. The foetus exists inside a woman’s body. A woman has the right to decide whether the foetus remains in her body, therefore a pregnant woman has the right to abort the foetus. Some believe that the law shouldn’t legislate morality, but all good law is based upon moral values. They belief foetus is a living person. Hence for them it is unethical to kill a growing life. However, the fact remains: abortion issue involves a constant battle between moral and practical aspects.