Shellscapes Inspired by the ‘Spires’

The series was born out of my curiosity in the patterns of creation and the creation of patterns by nature, using mathematics to produce its biologically developed masterpieces. These works explores the hidden beauty of the shells, looking for beauty beyond the external forms, particularly the logarithmic curves that are involved in their creation.

Shells represents the highly dynamic behavior of creative force producing compellingly beautiful works of art. Nature has incorporated esthetic elements into an exo-skeleton meant to support and protect the delicate body inside, creating beauty in asymmetry.

Mathematics, though is a product of human thought, possesses beauty, sublimely pure and capable of stern projection.
The elegant logarithmic spiral, charmed out of golden proportions, produce the “Spira mirabilis” the wonder spirals. The mirroring of which from dextral to sinistral could happen by the mutation of a single gene!

These images were developed by elaborating the radiographs/X-rays of various types of shells (gastropoda and Bivalvia) which were then digitized and worked on various softwares to produce these creative impressions. I received the Associate ship of the Royal Photographic society, UK mainly for these original works.