Vedic Inspirations Inspiration from Vedas

Hinduism is a culture and a way of life that involves a vast array of practices and rituals which includes a plethora of various forms and apparently secular beliefs. This is reflected as “Sanathana Dharma”, which means eternal faith that rests upon a large body of sacred texts that govern rituals, worship, pilgrimage and daily activities among many other things.

Religion of Gods and festivals, of mankind and peace, of vibrancy and hues, it is so much a part of India: Life at its fullest, vivid and flowing. It personifies various elements of nature and gives a spiritual take on life. The spirit of Hinduism is complex and fascinating. This is a series of work that draws inspiration from the pluralistic Indian Hindu culture, its history and beliefs, drawn from temples and inspired from the Vedas.

These work-of-art start with the camera, gets worked in the computers and later gets printed in the canvas and may even get a dash of traditional paint” or an object embedded to it, developed from my Dental laboratory skills.